Introduction to Shiga Prefecture

Speaking of Shiga Prefecture, there’s Biwako!
Rather, I think most people only have an impression of Biwako.
However, there are many attractions in Shiga, so let me introduce a few.
Delicious Food
Shiga is famous for its Omi beef. It is also famous for its red konnyaku and Seta whitebait.
Historical sightseeing spots
Shiga has always been a major transportation hub, and there are many historical buildings in the area.
There are historical temples such as Enryaku-ji Temple and Miidera Temple, and a castle called Hikone Castle.
Hikonyan is also cute.
Leisure spots
 In summer, you can swim in Biwako, and in winter, you can ski or snowboard.
 There is also a marina, so you can enjoy boating and sailing.
Although most of the time we just pass through Shiga Prefecture, it would be nice to do some sightseeing there once in a while.

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