Japan, mountains and the future of mountaineering

What image comes to mind when you think of “Japan”?

Not to mention the “Hinomaru”, the national flag of Japan, but many people may also think of the motif of Mount Fuji.

In fact, Japan is a “Mountainous Country” with more than 70% of its land area covered by mountains, and there are more than 15,000 mountains in Japan.

Many of these mountains can be climbed on a one-day trip from Tokyo, making mountaineering an appealing leisure activity for travelers from Japan and abroad, as they can directly experience Japan’s rich nature and magnificent scenery. There is nothing like the feeling of stepping on the ground with your own two feet, the experience of capturing a picture of nature in all its diversity, and most of all the exhilaration and excitement of reaching the top of a mountain.

When the outbreak of the new coronavirus spread and a state of emergency was declared, climbers got confused and divided over whether or not it was okay to climb the mountain. Some mountain lodges have decided to close their doors for the entire season.

After the Go To Travel campaign was implemented, however, many mountaineers climbed the various mountains as one of their main leisure activities, as it was not “3Es”.

Not only are there more than 20 mountains over 3,000m in Japan, but there are also plenty of mountains that can be enjoyed on a day trip from Tokyo. So why not make mountaineering an option for your holiday in the With Corona era?

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