NBA opening

On October 24, Japan time, the 2019-20 season of the NBA (National Basketball Association) has begun. Rui Hachimura has been nominated by Washington Wizards in the first place in the draft, and has been active as a starting member since the opening round. It is the first time that a Japanese player has been selected as an opening starting member at the NBA. Legendary NBA player Michael Jordan has a strong image of the Chicago Bulls, but he also played at Washington Wizards.

In addition, Japanese players from Yuta Watanabe, who signed a two-way contract with Memphis Grizzlies, and Yudai Baba, who signed an Exhibit 10 contract with Dallas Mavericks, are active and challenging on the NBA stage. It ’s exciting to see Japanese players playing at NBA. Support the players who are active in the Japan Professional Basketball League (B.LEAGUE) and NBA. And let’s raise basketball.

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