The Marathon Grand Championship (MGC)

The other day, the Marathon Grand Championship (MGC) was held to decide the Tokyo Olympics Japan representative players. All players ran full power and four players got Olympic ticket. For the men’s, Nakamura players, who showed a wonderful last spurt, and Hattori players, who won the race with a cool run, were selected as the representative of Japan.For the woman’s, Maeda players who ran alone at an even pace and Suzuki players who showed tenacious running, were selected as the representative of Japan. These four players were really strong. I would like these four players to run the Tokyo Olympic marathon with confidence. The other thing that impressed me the most was the Shitara players who was a candidate for victory. Only Shitara players ran at a pace exceeding the Japanese record, resulting in a stall and a loss. There is an opinion that Shitara players were reckless. However, the world’s top players are said to possibility to run the Tokyo Olympic at a faster pace than Shitara players. In the past, Shitara players have been defeated by foreign players on a world athlete champion ship with a lap delay. I think, Shitara players knew that Japanese common sense was not applicable to the world, so he dared to challenge the pace that medals can aim at. I was very impressed by figure of Shitara players who challenged the Olympic medal from the MGC championship. In order for Shitara players to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, he must run faster than 2 hours 5 minutes 50 seconds. It’s not easy, but I think it’s not possible with the current Shitara player. I look forward to the resurgence of Shitara players who have experienced real suffering.

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