Speaking of summer in Japan, we can’t miss fireworks.
In almost every holidays during summer, many people, young and old, male and female, go to see specutacular fireworks somewhere by rivers or seas.
You can also see children have small fireworks in their hands when you go to a country park, or you may see it even in some urban areas.
If you google ‘Japan fireworks’, there are many beautiful pictures which depict such scenes.

Specutacular fireworks are typically called ‘uchiage-hanabi’ in Japanese, and small fireworks ‘gangu-hanabi’.
In Japan, specutacular fireworks have various designs.
For example, they are designed after flowers such as chrysanthemum and peonny, and some Japanese pyrotechnicians develop the design which resembles faces of Anime characters.
In Nagano prefecture, which is one of the host places for Olympic athletes, a large fireworks display is held above Lake Suwa every summer.
In the display, pyrotechnicians from all over Japan compete with each other to create and set off the most beautiful, original and artistic fireworks ever.

You can also play with small fireworks in a park where permitted by the municipal governor of the area.
Many convenience stores and supermarkets display various kinds of small fireworks, which help you become a ‘wizard’.

It is still not clear how Tokyo 2020 Games change the schedules of major fireworks displays,
but going to see one of them would definitely be a great experience for your travel in Japan.

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