Life is a marathon

For a long time, the Japanese men’s marathon, which had been sluggish, has flourished.

Yuta Sitara, who set a new record in the Tokyo marathon in February 2018, Hiroto Inoue, who won the gold medal at the Asian Games, and Suguru Osako, who continued to fight on the main battlefield in the US since the university days many leading players are preparing for the start of Tokyo 2020.

Under the circumstances, what will be held on September 15 of this year is the Marathon Grand Championship, which will be the Japan Olympics selection tournament for the Tokyo Olympics.

The tournament takes place on the same course as the Tokyo Olympics.

At the moment, 31 players are scheduled for the boys, and a 42.195 kg hot fight will be unfolded.

Only three people can finally participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

“Life is a marathon,” keep an eye on the intense running of athletes who embody this word.

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