Recruitment of torch runners began

On the June 20th, the announcement of the Olympic Games ticket lottery done. If you win, I really congratulate you and enjoy the excitement! As you lose, please not give up because there will be the plan to sell on a first-come-first-served basis in the fall of 2019.

By the way, as soon as the ticket lottery was over, recruitment of torch runners began.

The theme of the torch relay at the Tokyo Olympics is “Hope Lights Our Way”. In 2011, huge earthquake and tsunami occurred in East Japan. Many people died in the affected area, and the environment changed so that people could not live. More than eight years have passed since then, and many people are still working to revive the local area.

In Tokyo 2020 torch relay, we will start Fukushima (one of the places where the earthquake had caused serious damage) on March 26th, 2020, and will run around Japan. The concept of runners is the people who are working hard to enliven the area, and those who have strong feelings for the area, where they are living now, have lived in the past, their families is living, etc. It is necessary to write on the application site, how you participate in the local community, or what thoughts you have. If you have strong feelings, your nationality and gender do not matter.

There are the application sites in each prefecture. Organized by the Executive Committee and 4 torch relay presenting partners(“Coca-Cola(Japan) Co., Ltd.”, “Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.”, “Nippon Life Insurance Company”, “Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation”). For detailed recruitment guidelines, please visit the official site.

Why not consider the participation the relay that connects the light of hope for reconstruction?

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