Match form of tennis men’s singles final will change

On April 3, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced that the match form of tennis men’s singles final in the Tokyo Olympics will be changed from the traditional Olympic format. The men’s final has been played in five-set match since the 1996 Olympic, but at the Tokyo Olympics, it will be played in three-set match. All other games of the men’s singles will be played in three sets, as the other games are played in three sets originally. ITF explained the reasons for this change to reduce the burden on players who play in multiples (singles, doubles and mixed doubles).

In the four major tennis tournaments, the men’s singles final is customary to be played in five-set match. However, even in those tournaments, there is an argument that it would be better to change the final to a three-set match. Who wants five-set match claims that “The best match is born when players demonstrate a superior strength, energy and spirit.” and ”The champion who wins in three-set match is not as strong as the champion who won in five-set match”. On the other hand, who wants three-set match claims that “If one game lasts too long, it will not only cause player fatigue or injury, but the spectators will not be able to watch until the end, and it will cause inconvenience in returning home”. Opinions are divided among tennis players.

The changes in the Olympics may affect the four major tournaments. In addition, the player’s strategy will change dramatically and you will be able to witness a new battle.

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