About the new event “Fencing” (Part 3)

I will write about fencing competitions this time as well.

The sword used in “Fleet” is slender and flexible, further characterized by a light weight of less than 500 grams.

There is a scene that stabs the other’s back with a sword tip that bends well.

In “Flure” and “Sable”, players who first reach out and aim at the tip of the sword gain priority.

Your opponent’s priority is transferred by defending by paying a sword or hitting it.

And it quickly turns to counterattack.

On the contrary, Epe has no priority.

The simple clarity that is the score of those who hit the opponent first is attractive.

If both sides hit at the same time, points will be scored on both sides.

Because the whole body including the soles of the feet is aimed, a game with many changes such as attacking the toes etc. will be unfolded.

“Furure” and “Epe” are competitions only for “stab”, but in addition, “Sable” is also effective for ” Cutting “. The dynamism of the game is felt in the speedy, spectacular and impressive swordsmanship.

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