About ball type of new item softball

Softball has various types of balls like baseball.

First of all, the basic straight.

This is a fast, non-changing ball type.

Because the distance between the pitcher and batter is short, softball is said to feel physically 140 to 150 km / h of baseball with a 100 km / h .

Change up. This is the same throwing style as straight, but slower than straight and is a ball that removes the batter’s timing.

Rise ball. It looks the same as a straight when viewed from a batter, but it floats at the batter’s hand, so it can be swing or miss.

Drop. It is a ball that falls at the hand of the batter like a folk ball in baseball.

Curve. It is a ball that bends in the opposite direction to the pitcher’s dominant arm. It is a ball that is very difficult to hit because it bends more slowly than it is straight.

Slider. It bends sharply in the opposite direction to the pitcher’s dominant arm, but unlike a curve it is a ball with a high speed.

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