Cherry blossom forecast 2019

Hi, Everyone!
it becomes warmer and warmer day by day in Tokyo, but it still gets cold at night.
How are you?

It’s the best time to look at the cherry blossoms in Tokyo. As I confirmed Cherry blossom forecast 2019, we can see them from the end of March to early April.

In this post, i introduce the cherry blossom famous spots in Tokyo.

Illuminated cherry blossoms at night are fantastic and beautiful

This place is near the shinjyuku station and Great access to metro and JR lines, so you can access here easily.
you can enjoy watching cherry blossoms from various angles and taking a picrure.

・Harima zakasakuranamiki

There are about 120 Cherry blossoms in this place. You can see and enjoy big Someiyoshino.
From Mar 23,2019 to April 7,2019, 48 Bunkyo-Sakura-Festival is held.
If you are interested in this festival, please check it.

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