Tokyo Olympic Ondo -2020-

Do you know “Tokyo Olympic Ondo”? This is one of theme songs of the Tokyo Olympic Games. “Ondo” is a dance in the circle according to music, which is done at the festival of Japan. They made Tokyo Olympic Ondo, wishing for “Regardless of young or old, of men or women, and of the presence or absence of disabilities, everyone in the world becomes a circle, dances,and come together.”(from the official website) Originally, Tokyo Olympic Ondo was created for the Tokyo Olympic Games held in 1964. It was remade for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 with the correction and addition of lyrics and the choreography. Lyrics and choreography are uploaded to the official website of the Tokyo Olympic Games and YouTube. There are Three different versions (Yu-yu, Kibi-kibi※, and Wheelchair version), so why not join the circle of alternating current with the dance that suits you?

※Yu-yu……Move slowly,  Kibi-kibi……Move quickly

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