The coolest sport “KARATEDO” :)

At the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, “KARATEDO” will become an official event.

 Though many people play “KARATEDO” all over the world, it had been an unofficial event. Now, we will look back on the history of “KARATEDO”.

“KARATEDO” was born in Okinawa. The Wikipedia says there are a lot of opinions about the begining of “KARATEDO”. Generally “KARATEDO” was born  that combined Okinawa-Kenpo, ”Tee” and Chinese Material Art, and has been developed that being affected some schools of the Japan Material Arts that like “Satsuma Han Jigen Ryuu” and “Yuugumo Ryuu””.

So, “KARATEDO” is a kind of Mixed Material Arts(MMA). Everyone, do you know more about “KARATEDO”? Check next post being looking forward to that new, right?

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