Issuance of Commemorative currency

For each event, commemorative currency with a motif of the event is issued by the mint. For the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the mint also issue commemorative currency with competitive motifs.

The first subscription was done last July to August. There were two types, 10 thousands yen currency (pure gold!) with horseback archery motif, and 1 thousand yen currency (pure silver!) with swimming motif.

From January 31th, the second subscription will be started! The currency is only one thousand yen silver coins, but there are three kinds of motifs (athletics, badminton, baseball / softball). How about getting your favorite design in the event of the convention?

Besides that, it is also possible to exchange 100 yen currency at the financial institution. There are 5 kinds of motifs (karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, surfing, weight lifting), and the subscription will be started in July. So check here as well.

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